Elite Apes 

Milestone since 21st July 2021

Elite Apes is a group of art lovers with the common interest in digital art investments, also known as NFTs. Founded by Mr. Jason Au in June 2021, the Elite Apes now has 150+ members, collectively owning NFT assets of 30,000+ ETH (equivalent to US$100,000,000+ as of March 2022)


Elite Apes has the commercial rights of use on these NFTs for derivative products including but not limited to physical merchandize, digital arts, NFT projects and the sales of IP rights to 3rd parties who intend to use these arts for their own projects.

Top IP Asset Owned – Bored Ape Yacht Club Limited Collection

Elite Apes collectively own 100+ Bored Ape Yacht Club, 150+ Mutant Ape Yacht Club and 150+ Bored Ape Kennel Club NFTs

Snapshot of MAYC and BAKC library

Endorsed by The British Museum

Our Organization has been very helpful to
The British Museum during their first launch of an NFT project. We are honored to be endorsed by the British Museum as partner for all its upcoming NFT future projects and to take the responsibility to promote Art and Tech especially in Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific Region.

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Front Page Feature on

South China Morning Post

Elite Apes has been main featured in the front page and the Business section in the South China Morning Post on the 6th December 2021 for the innovative and unique formation of the community and the Art and Technology projects possibilities within the community.

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First Trial of NFT Launch on OpenSea

6th December 2021

  • Celebrating the milestone of the South China Morning Post, our team had deployed an NFT project on the same day of the publishing. It is an interactive NFT that is compatible with OpenSea.
  • The project was a success and sold out to achieve a mere 9ETH in total.

View our NFT on OpenSea here

Our Land in Decentraland

  • 13 Parcel Land Plot
  • 2 x 1 Parcel (2 plot)
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Advisory Board of
Hong Kong University Blockchain Association

  • Elite Apes are the Advisory Board for the HKU blockchain association. We have been in the panels to provide advise and share NFTs, Arts and Technology. 
  • Our Members are the sponsors for the giveaway prizes during the events and AMAs of the VotingDao project by HK university.
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NFT Advisor for HK Project

  • Elite Apes is delicted in supporting NFT projects in Asia, especially those in Hong Kong that possess of long term potential and physical utilities.

  • We adopt a very stringent criteria in selecting our partnering NFT projects. We evaluate them through our “CARD” standard.
  • Community, Art, Roadmap, Developer to determine if they are a good project that meets the standard of EA.

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NFT Advisor for International Project
Gossape Girls

  • Elite Apes are appointed to be an advisor for Gossape Girls.

  • A community with over 8000 NFT holders of the collection.

  • Elite Apes are responsible to handle their IP strategy , licencing and management.

  • Product launch in May.

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  • EliteApes is the first group of NFT lovers to test the SCMP metaverse experience in Sandbox.

  • We are collaborating with SCMP for its first NFT launch of ARTIFACTS. NFT collection of the Hong Kong 1997.

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  • We published an independent review for ALTAVA GROUP based on our C.A.R.D standard.

  • Project floor price gained 240 percent within 72 hours from the review being published.

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EA Commercial Rights into Fashion Metaverse

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club Collectors to Take the Fashion Metaverse by Storm as ALTAVA Group Announces Latest Partnership With Elite Apes Hong Kong
  • ALTAVA also plans to create a space dedicated for Elite Ape to showcase its assets and interact with fans in this high-fidelity and completely unique metaverse.
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EA invited as Honorary Advisor for GoldHK

  • Elite Apes is invited by GoldHK as Honoray Advisor. Along with Olympic Gold Medalist Mr Cheung Ka Long and the Foil fencers.

  • EA will work hand in hand to keep educating the Hong Kong market about NFTs. The partnership pwill also include some amazing NFT art collaboration using EA Bored Ape Commercial Rights and GOLD4HK fencing NFTs as well as planning real life exhibition in Hong Kong and more…

Worldwide #1 in Top Delegate for $Apecoin

Members only Merch with our own NFTs

In-house Wearable Experiment in Decentraland

A Growing Community
Members Expansion

Our numbers of members exceeded 750 in Facebook alone, excluding our founding members of 150 in Hong Kong and 35 in Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Singapore.


Address: 20 Cecil Street, #05-03, PlusSingapore, 049705